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Using the Power of Community to Build VO Skills TOGETHER!

Who We Are

Since 2010, this community of dedicated voiceover artists have come together to work out and support one another, honing our skills, sharing helpful tips and advice, and raising our "booking percentage."

We keep our program flexible so it fits into anyone's life. The cost is only $35 per month (for 1 workout a week, so 4 or 5 workouts a month).  Because the cost is so low you can take a week off when life or jobs pop up! We're here when it works for you. 


WoW workouts (started out as "Workout Wednesdays") take place weekly in groups of 4-6 actors on:

  • All Genres - Wednesdays at 10am PT
  • All Genres - Wednesdays at 5pm PT
  • All Genres - Saturdays at 10am PT
  • Animation/Video Game Specific - Fridays at 10am PT

We have tons of scripts you can use, or record an audition or job during your workout. 


NEW in 2023, our FREE optional WoW Accountability Group meets on Thursdays at 5pm PT. A great way to achieve your goals faster and leverage the WoW community for resources and advice. For WoW Members Only. No RSVP's. You'll be invited to use our individual task tracking sheets. 

Come when you can and we break whoever joins into groups of 3-5 people.  You'll review your accomplishments and goals for the week, what's working and not working, and where you need support. 

To register for the group: COMPLETE FORM


Need help changing your workout day/time, adding or subtracting your number workouts, or pausing/unpausing your membership for a month, please complete this brief form so we can meet your needs quickly. We will confirm when the change is resolved. COMPLETE FORM

Note: Most changes will not be active until the following month.


Go to VOHEAVENWORKOUTS.COM for more information.


Ready to start now? Begin the application process.


Learn more about our ANIMATION WORKOUTS with Katie Leigh



Natasha Marchewka and Katherine Tole paired up to build out learning resources that will elevate your branding and Voice123 game. Natasha has found great success on the V123 platform and loves to help others be successful. Katherine was dazzled by Natasha’s expertise and is taking it up a notch with her tech and marketing savvy.

Turns out, a lot of people are paying for V123, but could use help optimizing their participation, navigating the site, presenting a perfect profile, and finding success! The practice of throwing a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks isn’t going to cut it. In fact, that could be detrimental given the site’s algorithm and your immense competition waiting behind you.

Learn more about optimizing your experience on Voice123:

Contact Us

Larry Hudson - Creator
Phone: 1 (310) 420-8359

Laura Brodeur - Senior Director

Phone: 1 (949) 230-7566

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